Small Sectional Sofa

We have just gone through the process of redecorating our house. We have just finished the living room and now comes the task of furnishing it. We have quite a large are to furnish and entertain quite frequently. I decided to start looking for a small sectional sofa. The reason for this is it gives me the opportunity to add to this piece.

To start my search I went online and started looking at the types of modern sectionals that were available. We had our previous furniture for nearly 20 years and I wanted something more modern looking. By choosing a small sectional couch I felt I could then build the rest from there. Wow there was so many to choose from. I was quite sure I wanted the small sectional sofa to rest on the floor and not have any legs. I feel with legs I found they cause damage to the hardwood floors. Now to choose what material would be the best. Since our kids were grown and we didn’t have any animals I was leaning towards the leather. I also felt with the leather I could get one small sectional sofa in a certain color and then add some more in a contrast color. I was also considering getting one sectional in the center and another small sectional sofa which included a recliner. Possibly two more with a recliner on each end. While looking on the internet at various modern sectional I also checked discount sectional sofas. I was surprised to find there were many great looking pieces at a fraction of what they cost new. Now the task here was to see if I could find a small sectional sofa in the color I wanted in the choices for discounted sectional sofas.

I did have a budget to work with and by looking at the discount sectional sofas I was going to have more money to spend. I also took the time to go to a few of the local furniture stores. I was very careful to match the prices and choices I got off the internet. In my search for a small sectional sofa locally I didn’t find near the selection I did online. I found even when I added the charge of the shipping it was still less expensive to order online.

So that’s what I did. I ordered 1 cream colored small sectional sofa. This one was to be placed in the middle. I then ordered 1 in Brown and one in black. These were to be on either side of the cream one, and the both had a contemporary recliners in them. It did take about 2 weeks for delivery and I was so excited. I was also a little cautious about ordering such a large item online. All worries aside when my small sectional sofa was delivered it was all I had hoped for. I know have a wonderful living room that I am very proud of.