Modern Leather Furniture

My girlfriend and her husband just finished building a new home. She was quite busy with her children and other things so she asked me to help her get the furnishings. She wanted to start on the living room and then move to the other rooms. She told me the budget she had to work with. She also stressed her desire to have modern leather furniture and contemporary recliners. She stated when she was growing up her childhood consisted of this green cloth couch. She vowed one day when she bought new furniture it would be modern leather couches and modern leather chairs. I was excited as I had always loved the look of leather. She also said she wanted some contemporary couches and chairs; it could still be modern leather furniture, yet contemporary. Great now that I had a budget and directions I was off to see what I could find.

There were quite a few stores in the near vicinity of where we lived. I took my list with me and off I went. I explained to the salespeople I was looking for modern leather furniture. I was surprised at the wide assortment that I had to choose from. I got quotes on modern leather chairs and modern leather couches. I went to 6 different places that day. It was a long day yet I was really excited with my results. I then went home and searched the internet as well for modern leather furniture. I found online the selection was far more than I had found locally. Yet I found a lot of these laces charged a large amount for shipping. I also found by ordering on line I may run into issues if there was problems with the furniture. So I made the decision to shop local. I did go back to the 2 best places and compared quotes. The prices were quite similar but when the one place offered me free delivery and set up they won me over.

I went back and shared the great news with my friend. We got the living room all prepared as the delivery was the next day. The furniture came and it was excellent, exactly as I envisioned it in the store. My friend was in tears she was so happy with her modern leather furniture. She said it brought back memories of the green couch and now her dreams had come true. She hosted a party that night to show off her new room. Friends were impressed with furniture and the price that was paid for it all. They were also impressed that I had picked it all out on my own. It was a great feeling. Since then I have had 2 of our friends call me and ask for my assistance in furnishing a room in their house. They were both looking for modern leather furniture as well and felt I had already done all the leg work. It was fun I help them both with their houses as well. Then I got to thinking I could use some modern Leather furniture, maybe my room will be next. Maybe if I started charging for my furnishing expertise I will be able to afford it.